Arthur Ragnarsson

Visual Artist

Arthur Ragnarsson -Reflector

Arthur Ragnarsson received his art education in Reykjavik where he graduated from Iceland Academy of the Arts 1982. After some years at sea, first as a fisherman in the Icelandic waters and later as a sailor on cargo ships around the world he emigrated and joined music groups on tour in Europe as a bass player.

The 90's sub culture and independent performing groups, art performance, music and theater captured Arthur’s full attention. He worked with installation art, sculpture, stage design and lighting design for various theaters in Sweden and Denmark.

The Gothenburg art studio was established in 2000. The art of Arthur Ragnarsson expresses a spiritual and physical power that generates full attraction in the field of drawing. In the context of contemporary art practice the act of performance is the main output of his work. The line work interplay draws the viewer toward a near-bodily experience.

In-between the lines we approach the life environment of the north. The vulnerability and conditions between extremes, the relationship of the forces of nature, the land and the narrative culture of Icelandic folklore passed on by generations in order to understand, grant meaning and ask more questions.

It is the drawings Arthur approach the content outside the image area, something that is universal, charitable. He glimts to inner and outer spaces where wayward figures, landscapes and situations occure. As a traveler he draws the very map he simultaneously is guided by.


The Reykjavik studio: Hólmvad 2, 111 Reykjavik Iceland

The Gothemburg studio: Spetsbergsgatan 6, 41466 Gothenburg Sweden



1977-1981. Iceland Academy of the Arts (Myndlista og Handídaskóli Íslands)



2016 Galerie Plan.d, Düsseldorf Germany

2015 Varbergs Konsthall Sweden

2014 Galerie Plan.d, Düsseldorf Germany

2013 Ringhals Nuclear Powerplant Sweden

2012 Tofta konstgalleri Varberg Sweden

2012 Galerie Plan.d, Düsseldorf Germany

2008 Galerie Plan.d, Düsseldorf Germany

2006 Sönderjyllandshallen, Aabenraa Denmark

2006 Nikolaus Vehldingsplads, Aabenraa, Denmark

2004 Wågermanska Konsthallen, Skärhamn, Sweden

2003 Galleri KC Göteborg Sweden

2002 Galleri KC Göteborg Sweden

2000 Galleri Hängmattan Göteborg Sweden

2000 Galleri KC Göteborg Sweden

1999 Konsthallen Göteborg, Sverige

1998 Konstsymposium Borlänge Sweden

1998 Viktoriaskolan Göteborg Sweden

1996 Galleri KC Göteborg Sweden

1994 Københavnaren, København Denmark

1993 Grabbeplatz, Kiel Germany

1991 Kungstorget 5, Göteborg Sweden

1989 Galleri List Reykjavik Iceland


Official representation

Sweden: Region Halland. Västra Götalands regionen. Tjörns kommun. Chalmers tekniska högskola. Pharmacia AB. Denmark: Aabenraa kommune. Iceland: Búnadarbanki Íslands. Landsbanki Íslands. Icelandair. Verslunarhúsid Reykjavík. Siglingamálastofnun ríkisins.


Scholarships and residencies

2016 Västra Götalandsregionen Sweden.

2006 Aabenraa Komune Danmark.

2004 Göteborgs kommun Sweden.

2002 Göteborgs stad Sweden

1998 Borlänge kommun Sweden

1995 Konstnärsnämnden Sweden

1993 Göteborgs stad Sweden


Artistic projects and experiments

1989 - 1996 Inner rooms, sculpture and objects as the set design. Fusion between art and theater. Experiments and investigations into the room's design from a free artistic platform. Collaboration with Atelier Theatre in Gothenburg in projects.

1997 - 2013 figures as a medium and carrier of human qualities. Shadow Figures-light figures in the slide show, characters and figures. 2 - and 3dimensionella objects and figures in motion. Collaborative projects with theater Sesame Gothenburg.



1999-2006 Drawing and painting at Art College, Folkuniversitetet Göteborg. Sweden


Art exhibition design

2006-Present date. Design, construction and light design at Varbergs kommun, Hallands Artmuseum and Gothemburg Museum of Art. Sweden


Graphic design

1977-Present date. Illustrations, drawings, photoretusch, layout and graphic design in the private and public sector in Sweden and Iceland.


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